PODCAST: Relieving newborn baby mom stress

Two strong Choice Chat radio shows about relieving newborn baby mom stress.


Especially if you are a new mom, single parents need stress-relief strategies and energy boosts. Noted pediatrician Dr. Robert Sears, a spokesperson for Happy Baby, offered in my December 2009 radio show tips for relieving the stress of being a newborn baby mom. He also talked about signs of postpartum depression and discussed the link between IQ and parenting attachment.

Also on this show: Dr. Charles Sims, co-founder of California Cryobank, on cord blood banking.

Fertility Q&A: home insemination use of cervical cap vs. syringe.


Three Choice Moms discussed the tips and strategies they learned to get through the newborn stage, including Jennie, who worked full-time while going to college, and Christine, who simultaneously single-parented a preschooler and a newborn.

This radio show, which I published in 2010, also included an “Ask the Fertility Expert Q&A” segment, in which Dr. Steven Nakajima responded to confusion about success rates when you are trying to get pregnant as a single woman.


Did you know there are 10-minute solutions to detoxify the hassles of the day? The smartest Choice Moms learn how to carve out special moments in their day that are all about them. In this 2010 radio show, I talk about some of those recharging ideas, which run the gamut from quirky to sweet. One special guest is New York City mom Lyss Stern, co-author of “If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 ways to find 10 blissful minutes for yourself.” We’ll also hear from Danielle, Choice Mom of four-year-old twins.


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