Review of Minneapolis-area doctors

A Twin Cities woman recently wrote to me asking if I had feedback from others in the community about fertility doctors. She was working with one recommended doctor where treatment seemed impersonal, and wondered if she was getting the kind of attention she needed at her age level.

I asked single mothers by choice on the local listserve to weigh in with their opinions. And here’s what we got:

  • If she didn’t like Erickson’s group (abbott) she would not like the UofM group, (Nagel/Demario) so I would not suggest them. Erickson’s group does run out of Lilydale also with Dr. Malo, she might like that better although it is the same practice. would she like Stassert? in Woodbury I think? Those are the big 4 in the Twin Cities, I am sure there are others but those are the most common here. Not sure what Mayo is doing but I know there is a group there.
  • I think the world of Corfman (who helped her conceive after many, many cycles with other doctors).
  • I didn’t work with Lisa Erickson herself, but I was VERY happy with the attention I got from her group, Center for Reproductive Medicine. However, I was mostly out at the Lilydale office which is much smaller. I did occasionally have blood draws and u/s at the Mpls clinic, and the vibe there was much different because it is a much larger facility. More patients in and out and less personal attention. If that is your friend’s complaint about Lisa Erickson’s group, she may like working with Dr. Malo at Lilydale better. I loved the personal attention there and the fact that all the nurses remembered me and seemed to be cheering me on. Plus, they were great at helping me find ways to cut costs.
  • I absolutely love(d) Dr. Stassart! I saw him in Woodbury. He is not only brilliant, but very caring.
  • I also liked Dr Stassart at RMIA in Woodbury. He was easy to talk to and explained things well. I liked Dr Malo’s bedside manner and the smaller clinic at CRM in Lilydale, but I was unable to get a follow-up appt to discuss alternate treatment options in (what I felt was) a reasonable timeframe due to his patient load. So I switched to Dr Kunick at CRM in the Mpls office. I felt like he knew his stuff and listened to what I was saying but he was far less warm and fuzzy. A lot depends on your own personality and your timeframe.
  • I also like Dr. Kuneck at CRM. When I went to see him and was “fact finding” at that point he laid things out well for me. It really helped me to make an informed decision. I had and still have confidence in him. The staff (who you see the most) are very skilled. That to me was very important. (I am a Nurse Practitioner so I do feel like I can assess clinical knowledge and. Skill from the inside). Was he warm and fuzzy, not too much, but that was less important to me. I agree, it had to do with what works for your comfort.
  • I agree about RMIA. the nurses do a lot of the scans, but they are incredibly caring and you know they are pulling for you. When I got pg this spring, everyone was so thrilled for me, and when there was no heartbeat at my u/s, the nurse cried with me. As far as convenience, RMIA is great – they open at 6:30am, so I was able to get all of my ultrasounds and blood work done first thing in the morning and had to take very little time off of work.
  • I also used Dr. Kuneck at CRM – he is professional, thorough, matter of fact and good at providing data, options, facts and figures. Great for an analytical person. He is also well known for being the most conservative in the practice in terms of his recommendations post IUI or IVF – i.e. more likely to keep you on progesterone, do an extra ultrasound, or limit activity.

Dr. Erickson, for one, had mixed reviews from women. Others not quoted here thought she seemed judgmental about single parenting, others said she was in support and thorough. Do understand the ingredients you might be bringing into the process, to help you find the clinic that works for you.

Do you need warm and fuzzy? Or want the scientific approach that might seem less warm? Do you want a place where everyone knows you and your story? Or do you not mind being an anonymous patient who sees different nurses each time who don’t realize you don’t have a husband?

In the impersonality of New York City, where I was having my first child, I felt incredibly nurtured by my Dr. Eric Wahl and his assistant Christine. I ended up loving the small office experience much more than I did the larger one in Minneapolis for my second child. My local doctor was great at education. My New York City doctor was great at making me feel not so vulnerable.

Use these reviews to help you choose the fertility doctor who might be right for you.

— Mikki


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  1. Alyssa
    August 15, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Hi! I’m 30 and moving to the trying phase. I’m also a MN resident but am having a hard time finding resources for choice moms. Anybody know of a choice friendly ob/gyn in the twin cities? I don’t want to jump right away to an RE, but I also don’t have an ob/gyn. Looking for someone non-judgmental with a good bedside manner. Any suggestions are appreciated. I’d like to get this process started. Clock is ticking…lol.

    • August 16, 2016 at 9:22 am

      I imagine you’ll need to find an in-network doctor based on your insurance. What insurance plan are you with? Any ob/gyn will be able to give you the basic fertility testing you need to start with. — Mikki

    • Sukie
      August 16, 2016 at 8:12 pm

      Not sure exactly what part of the twin Cities you live in but i go to doctor sarah manneh in maple grove and she is amazing. I did not get pregos but i started my infertility journey with her. We did all the testing and had my man do his thing and we were able to find out what our issues were and was recommended to go to a specialist. After 3 iui at u of m physician we were pregos but they recently closed down and we are following dr.damario to RMC in st paul. We are currently wanting baby #2…exciting! Hope you find this helpful and good luck on your journey to motherhood. I love every moment with my 8 month old daughter! She is so precious and fun.

    • Danielle LaCoste
      November 10, 2017 at 3:32 pm

      Did you ever find resources in MN? I recently moved to the Minneapolis area with my 3 year old twins and am having a hard time finding a group. Any resources you can share?

      • November 10, 2017 at 3:47 pm

        What kind of resources are you looking for?
        I just made a connection for you with the Minnesota SMC group leader on Facebook, which is one step. There is a robust community here that stays in touch — I hosted a gathering for many of us this past summer (see back of Retrospective e-guide from this website). It tends to be those with preschool kids that stay in touch, then people move on to their school/community-oriented connections with kids as we tend to blend in pretty well by then. There are two strong therapists in the area on this website: use search box for Krista Post or Deborah Simmons. There is a Resolve gathering I believe next weekend with a single mother panel — I talked there last year but my daughter is returning from college just then so I won’t be speaking this year.

  2. Shanna Allen
    October 10, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    I LOVED Dr. Nagel! When I first met him, he walked into the room and said: "So, you want to be a single mom!" He was very upbeat, but I immediately burst into tears. So then he said: "So, you want to be a mom!" and handed me a tissue. He was lovely and very helpful answering questions. I also found all of the nurses to be very kind. The front desk staff was more stand-offish, but otherwise I had a great experience. And I got pregnant on the first try!

  3. Michelle
    February 4, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    I have once again had a report of a very disrespectful time at Reproductive Medicine Center, U of M (Dr. Ted Nagel and Dr. Demario) again it is not a complaint about the doctors themselves but the staff and "psychological’ evaluation they require. I continue to send others to Abbott, (Kunich, Erickson, Malo etc) group and I do not hear that they are being treated badly. Please keep it in mind. I have heard this for many years now. I have heard good things from Nagel’s group if you are white, rich and married.

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