Sarah Kowalski: My Journey to an Egg Donor in Mexico

Sarah Kowalski

Sarah Kowalski is a lovely Choice Mom from the San Francisco area who shared her story in 2014 at my event in Seattle.

Here is the clip of Sarah’s introduction. She has written for this website as well (links provided below), and is featured in the Choice Mom Guide to Egg Donors and Egg Freezing and the Choice Mom Guide to Embryos.

She works as a life coach for Choice Moms.

In this audio, she talks about who she is, how she started thinking about becoming a single mother by choice at age 39, her journey to egg donation,epigenetics, finding fertility tourism options in Mexico, and her connection today with her son.

My thanks to Seattle Sperm Bank for sponsorship of the 2014 Seattle event, and for ongoing support of the Choice Chat podcast series.











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