Single Parent Adoption in China

As we continue our look this month into alternatives to IUIs for women, I wanted to share this story of a Choice Mom I know who is meeting her third daughter today in China.

As you can imagine, with all the changes that have happened in recent years for single parent adoption in China — previously a primary method to motherhood for many single mothers I know — Laura has been through a tremendous amount of WAITING to get to this day.

The fears, the anxiety, the excitement don’t go away after you become a “pro” at this motherhood thing.

I’ve always admired Laura for her ability to calmly articulate everything about the adoption process — and for her wonderful approach to motherhood that I’ve seen at several social gatherings. She’s been a wonderful contributor to the Choice Mom community about her stories. And, through her blog, she has offered that story so wonderfully preserved not only for her family, but for the rest of us to share as well.

Here’s an excerpt from her April 10th entry: “I keep trying to imagine different scenarios. One where Amanda comes to us smiling. One where she comes crying. One where she’s scared. One where she tries to run away. I have no idea how she will react. What a trauma to put a 5 year old through after all the others she also been through. It’s not fair, but it is what it is and I have to trust that she’ll come through it as she has the other changes in her life. I’ll try to get a good sleep tonight, but I get more excited and more nervous as the time gets closer.”

You can find Laura’s blog here.



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