Choice Fertility Tips: The Newsletter

I am happy to announce that all 12 issues of the Choice Fertility newsletter is available in two bulk packages — 36 pages each of expert insights, tips, checklists, resources, research and more. Thanks to long-time Choice Mom sponsor The Sperm Bank of California for funding the creation of this resource.

This first package of 36 pages is particularly useful to the woman who is relatively new to the fertility journey. Each 6-page issue is thematic, and in this package covers:

  • Fertility Science
  • Miscarriage
  • Choosing a Sperm Donor
  • Reducing the Stress of Fertility
  • Detecting Ovulation
  • What to Expect If You Want to Be Expecting: The Eight-Step Process

The second bulk package of 36 pages is for women making more sophisticated choices and includes:

  • Talking About This Choice With Our Kids
  • Understanding Genetic Testing
  • Choosing Between IUI and IVF
  • Costs and Medications
  • Egg Freezing and Egg Donation
  • About Embryos and Donation

The Sperm Bank of CaliforniaThanks to the sponsorship of The Sperm Bank of California, I am able to offer these at the discounted price of $6 each as a bulk package. Order it from our E-Guides section.

To get a sense of the quality of information, I’ve attached the issue about Miscarriage here as a free sample.


— Mikki




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