Friends of Choice Moms

Thanks to these sponsors, Choice Moms LLC has produced a wide variety of resources specific to our unique community of women — including e-guides, podcasts, networking events, and more than 500 articles. If you are interested in joining this list in 2015, click here.


  • European Sperm Bank USA — behind my efforts for three years and counting, including ongoing funding for the Choice Chat podcast
  • The Sperm Bank of California — this non-profit has supported us in many ways for five years, with collaboration in 2014 for the new Choice Fertility newsletter, written for all women exploring alternative family building
  • New sperm-donor testing service GenePeeks has jumped on board to collaborate with us so we can finally share excellent insight about genetic testing options and respond to basic-to-advanced Q&A on the discussion boards about genetics
  • Embryo Donation International is helping us create a robust e-guide About Embryos
  • Choice Mom-friendly mental health professionals: Krista Post (Minneapolis), Joann Galst (NYC), Madeleine Feingold (San Francisco), Gail Zarbin (Chicago), Deborah Simmons (Minneapolis), Patricia Mendell (New York)


Past sponsors who enabled us to create specific events and online resources: