Spotlight: NW Cryobank (eggs)

NW Cryobank became an advertiser in 2014 for our E-guides “About Sperm” and “About Eggs” (it provides both), and is starting to build a stronger relationship with the Choice Mom community.

About Eggs

Open-identity donors

More than half of NW Cryobank’s 33 current donors (at last count) are open-identity. But they are transparent about the structure. They note that most egg donors are under the age of 30, unmarried, and don’t know how they might feel about donor offspring when they have their own family. Many donors will only participate with total anonymity. Others are nervous about receiving demanding contact they might not know how to handle.

“In order to protect all parties, the actual release of donor identity information is restricted by NW Cryobank to the children produced through the use of their donations once the children have reached legal age. In general, past experience has shown that many donors become more open to contact with children as they age and become more mature, established, and stable in their own lives. Of course there can be no guarantees that a donor will be available for contact 20 years into the future.”

Donors listed as “open” have indicated that they would be open to communication with a donor-conceived child after the child reaches age 18. They are asked many questions to reveal their attitude toward future contact. That future communication might be an exchange of a letter or email, phone interaction, or perhaps an in-person meeting. Since the donor will be perhaps aged 40-50 when contact is made, NW Cryobank wants recipients to also be open to the fact that in time the donor might have had a change of heart or be hard to locate (married name, etc.).

Any offspring after age 18 would need to approach NW Cryobank with the donor ID number and authentication information. At that time the bank will “make a reasonable search for the donor” and, if found, let her know someone would like to make contact. They leave it up to the donor at that time to decide whether to reciprocate and what kind of contact she’d prefer.

Clinic choice

NW Cryobank works closely with clinics to ascertain their ability and skill to use its warming protocol. Once this step has been completed and documented, the patients of that clinic are encouraged to work with NW Cryobank and its website to find the right egg donor using its free expanded donor profiles.

Information available about donor

Includes free medical history and physical characteristics for three generations, expanded personal medical history, early childhood and teenage details and memories, expanded educational info, detailed info about activities and abilities.

Guarantee/refund/shared cycle program

An optional guarantee policy can be added for $4,500 additional to the $9K cost of a six-egg cohort. A guaranteed attempt is deemed successful if one embryo transfer results in a pregnancy (determined by two baseline quantitative beta HCT tests) OR if two embryos reach day-5 blastocyst stage and are deemed morphologically suitable for transfer. In these two cases, you will receive $2,250 refunded from your guarantee. But if neither occur, then you receive an additional set of six eggs. If optional Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) testing is performed, this guarantee provides for one transferable euploid embryo.

Success Rates

With its high quality standards for vitrification and warming protocol, and work with trained clinics, NW Cryobank has a high level of success. Not all vitrified eggs are provided to recipients. They ship only the healthiest mature eggs with the best chance for success. At last count, it had a clinical pregnancy rate of 69.5% (as of July 2014 data) and a live birth rate of 67% (based on 2011 and 2012 data).


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  1. Yasmine
    June 1, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Where are you located?

    • June 1, 2017 at 8:39 am

      if you follow the link to the NW Cryobank website you’ll find that they are in Spokane… of course, they ship eggs and sperm worldwide.

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