Spotlight: Columbia Fertility Associates

Dr. Rafat Abbasi, Columbia Fertility Associates

Dr Rafat Abbasi, M.D
Columbia Fertility Associates

Our three networking events in D.C. have featured the excellent advice of Dr. Rani Abbasi, of Columbia Fertility Associates. Some of her insights from past events:

  • She reminded women that even when 30-year-old couples have intercourse on a regular basis trying to conceive, they have a less than 30 percent chance of succeeding. Using IVF can increase those odds to 50 percent. But depending on age, using IUI isn’t going to give you any better odds than natural conception. (The egg and the sperm still need optimal conditions to meet, which isn’t automatically going to happen each cycle no matter how healthy you are.)
  • She talked women through ovulation surges and egg maturation – namely that eggs that mature too early or too late in the cycle need to be manipulated or controlled with a doctor’s help. That you aren’t going to normally understand the maturity level of an egg in an IUI or natural intercourse. Charting your temperature for several months might give doctors a good sense of how predictable your cycle is, but many cycles don’t follow a routine, so it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to predict the next surge — and there are many variables that can affect your temperature.
  • For the many women who are fearful of having multiples using Clomid or other fertility drugs, Dr. Abbasi pointed out that multiples can occur more commonly when you are injecting hormones.

Columbia Fertility Associates (D.C.)At our 2009 D.C. event, Dr. Abbasi’s conversation with women about fertility was recorded for the “Choosing Single Motherhood” radio show, which is now available on the Choice Chat podcast.



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