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PODCAST: Choice Mom Stories

Over the years I have talked with many single women about their Choice Mom journeys for the Choice Chat podcast and/or radio show. Here are some of these Choice Mom stories. LORI GOTTLIEB: Settle for Mr. Good Enough? After Choice Mom Lori Gottlieb wrote in Atlantic Monthly that perhaps settling for Mr. Good Enough might have been…

2016 Choice Mom Top Tens

It’s a list-making day. I wanted to see what Choice Mom resources are most popular with our 9,000-plus visitors per month. Top 10 Podcasts It’s interesting to me that all three of our podcasts about home insemination are highly popular. The library currently has 51 podcasts. This ranking is based only on data collected by the…

Stacy: Finally, the Birth Story

Some of the long-time members of the Choice Mom discussion board are familiar with Stacy’s journey. Years and years of journey. Heart-breaking yet persistent journey. Back in 2010, she helped women cope with miscarriage, by sharing the story of how she coped with her own. In fact, Stacy suffered through five miscarriages, an emergency hysterectomy,…

Creating a Family website and online show

Dawn Davenport

I haven’t written lately about the wonderful resources that Dawn Davenport provides at her Creating a Family website — but she is a good colleague. She is the only one who provides the quality level of educational resources to non-traditional family building that ChoiceMoms.org does. We usually catch up with each other at the ASRM…

Marynell: Saving for adoption

I am a 44-year-old former teacher turned librarian in Tennessee and am now experiencing the most blessed time of my life. In my mid- to late 30’s I researched becoming a mom on my own. I had been divorced for years and had not met anyone with whom I wanted to spend my life, but…

How to become a mother: More IUIs? IVF? embryo donation? adoption?

For many of us, simply having sex with someone we love to produce a child is a great idea. But life being what it is today, women like us, busy with goals and options, have many more choices than we used to. We can delay child-bearing a few more years, generally into our 30s, sometimes into our early 40s. But when things don’t go as easily as we would like, and we see the many options to motherhood available to us, how do we choose?

Moving past IUI and IVF to adoption options

Back in August 2010, two wonderful colleagues talked with each other in a radio show about moving beyond the “simple” conception options to surrogacy, adoption, embryo donation, egg donation and more. Here are highlights, and a direct link to the show.

When is it too old to become a parent?

Kim, 45, launched an interesting question on one of the Choice Mom discussion boards last week. She was curious what women thought about whether there was an age when it was "too old" to be a parent. Not in terms of conceiving, but just general parenting.

Creating a Family website

One of my favorite websites is CreatingaFamily.com, run by Dawn Davenport. Like me, she’s developed a comprehensive resource for her community as a labor of love. Hers is specifically designed for anyone building families through adoption, egg and sperm donation, surrogacy. Here are highlights: