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Leaving a Partner…

This is not uncommon: A woman in her late 30s realizes that her partner sincerely does not want to have children. What does she do? Many women have joined our Choice Mom community to help make this tough decision. One such 39-year-old woman recently posted of her own dilemma. “I am scared that I won’t…

“Don’t wait for Mr. Right because you never know when he’ll show up. Every year I think this’ll be the year I meet that perfect someone and then another year passes. And look at the boat I’m in now: 43 and needing to use an egg donor. No time will be the perfect time, so you just need to take that leap of faith and do it. I know it’s not easy, but nothing in life worth having is.”

— from one member of the Choice Mom discussion group to another



All By Myself: Facing the Empty Nest Alone

A woman on the Choice Mom Over 40 discussion board posted recently that, now that her twins are teenagers, she is beginning to recognize the day is coming when she will be Alone again. She wondered whether we could create a new Choice Moms resource for those of us on this journey who are feeling the…

New Year Resolutions: What emotions and goals will you tackle next?

Two years ago a woman on the Choice Mom discussion board wrote about the anger she was feeling about having to make the choice to become a single mother. By serendipity, I went looking for her on this New Year’s Day, and discovered she hasn’t posted since. As we usher in the new year, I wonder how many women have resolved certain emotions…and how many are stuck? I thought it was a great way to lead off conversation in 2011.