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SPOTLIGHT CANADA: Outreach Health Services

This is excerpted from our 2016 E-guide “Choice Moms: Canada — insights and resources,” sponsored by Outreach Health Services, which provides sperm donation options throughout Canada. Section 1: Where Do I Begin? by Heather Brooks, Outreach Health Services, CreatingCanadianFamilies.ca So… here you are. You are at the point in your fertility treatment where you are exploring…

NEW: Choice Moms in Canada

Toronto babies

Our latest eguide is dedicated to the large numbers of women in Canada who are seeking options for creating a family on their own. This 30-page eguide about Choice Moms in Canada includes a lot of great information. Sponsor Outreach Health Services offers many pages of insight into the donor selection process, including questions to ask yourself and…

Fertility Tourism

A single woman in the Middle East wrote me recently wondering what her options might be — certainly outside of her own region — for conceiving a child on her own. So I’m asking the Choice Mom community that is familiar with fertility tourism to offer their resources. I’ve heard from London-based Emily (always a…

How many Choice Moms are there?

When I wrote my "Choosing Single Motherhood" book in 2005, I estimated — based on available data — that more than 50,000 single American women over the age of 35 gave birth each year. Now that it is 2012, I went looking for updated statistics, from several countries.