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Q&A: On Progesterone, and Embryo Implantation Issues

Dr. Rafat Abbasi, Columbia Fertility Associates

A woman on our Choice Moms Over 40 discussion board asked women for tips on how to reduce pain from injections, which she was worried about. One woman noted that she took vaginal progesterone suppositories. Another woman wrote and warned that sometimes women don’t absorb the suppositories well. She had insisted on getting bloodwork done…

Q&A: Giving Yourself Fertility Injections

A woman undergoing frozen embryo transfer posted on the Choice Moms Over 40 discussion board, wondering if there were any tricks women have used to help with the fertility injections. “How the heck do I get over my fear of giving myself the intramuscular shots of Delestrogen and Progesterone??” Here is some of the response:…

Tax deductible fertility expenses: sperm, miles, doctors

A woman on a Choice Mom discussion board asked: is sperm considered one of the tax deductible fertility expenses in the United States? Carla-Elaine, a Choice Mom who is a tax agent, responded: yes, sperm is considered a fertility medical expense. “You can also include medical mileage, doctors appointments, IVF/IUI fees, psychologist fees, etc. For…

Fertility Success Rates for Women Over 40

A newcomer on our Choice Moms Over 40 discussion board did 12 cycles of IUI before her clinic noticed that she had "fallen through the cracks" and suggested she try IVF instead. Unfortunately, this does happen. When women find their ChoiceMoms.org peers, it becomes easier to learn what to ask doctors in order to achieve motherhood.

Ask the Expert: hCG timing

We have an excellent group of fertility experts who provide sponsorship of Choice Mom resources. Periodically we go to them with "Ask the Fertility Expert" questions. Here’s one that appeared on the discussion board recently, and the response of one of the doctors in our network.