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PODCAST: Holistic fertility

How can yoga, massage, acupuncture and nutrition have an impact on fertility? We heard answers about holistic fertility from a team at Pulling Down the Moon. The panel spoke at our Chicago-based event. They also explained food allergies, the do’s and don’ts of exercise and caffeine, what the acupuncture experience should be, and how to reduce daily…

Healthy options to enhance fertility

"Women trying to conceive often forget the importance of taking care of themselves," said Dr. Lee Kao, of San Francisco-based Laurel Fertility Care. "We often see patients who are so focused on caring for everything else that they actually decrease their success by not focusing on themselves first."

Guide to PCOS

Women on the Choice Mom discussion board are talking to each other this week about dealing with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). About 1 in 10 women find out eventually, often when they are unsuccessfully trying to conceive, that they suffer from PCOS, which is largely a hormonal imbalance.