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Creating a Family website and online show

Dawn Davenport

I haven’t written lately about the wonderful resources that Dawn Davenport provides at her Creating a Family website — but she is a good colleague. She is the only one who provides the quality level of educational resources to non-traditional family building that ChoiceMoms.org does. We usually catch up with each other at the ASRM…

Our Top 6 Choice Mom-friendly therapists

When you are feeling isolated, angry, depressed or confused about the Choice Mom path, the discussion boards have become a good place to vent and share. But sometimes we need someone who not only understands the Thinking to Being stages, but is specifically trained to talk with us about our emotions. Over the years I…

Choice Mom Eguide: Emotions of This Journey

Sometimes we’re afraid of the emotions we feel on the Choice Mom journey to becoming a single mother by choice: grief, loss, jealousy, loneliness, isolation, anger. They might hit us when we’re Thinking of take this step… Trying (sometimes for a very long time) to become a mother… when newborn days and ongoing logistical stress take…

2013 Event: Choice Moms San Francisco

We had a great event in July 2013 for Choice Moms San Francisco. From that, we have several new ways to connect for women in the Bay Area, as well as single women anywhere who are struggling to conceive, and who are building families with donated egg or embryo. Discussion with some of the women…

Monica: My Single Parent Adoption Story

By the age of 34, I had a graduate degree, a house, a good job and a few years of travel under my belt. I’d been trying to become a mom for 18 months and had 8 failed IUIs with a donor. I had chosen the donor route because I thought it would be faster, cheaper and easier than adoption. Boy, was I wrong. I took another look at adoption and decided to go for it. Here’s my story.

Do you know about celiac disease and infertility?

Though this story comes from a married woman, through our Choice Mom allies at American Fertility Association, it is yet another example of how, sometimes, our doctors don’t always think through the reasons we might be facing fertility issues. And why we need to learn as much as we can from each other so we can ask the right questions.