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Shipping Sperm to Home

We asked a few sperm depositories about their policy on shipping sperm to home locations instead of to doctors clinics. NOTE: See also the 2016 Choice Mom E-guide: About Sperm and the E-guide: Home Insemination The Sperm Bank of California: We have always shipped to womenʼs homes for home insemination or just if they prefer…

Will a donor-conceived child feel like a “freak”?

A new Thinker wrote to one of the discussion boards with a concern that her eventual child might someday feel like “a freak of nature” as a donor-conceived child. One thing I know from years of talking with Thinkers and every stage of Choice Motherhood after is that we do tend to worry about many…

Jane Mattes: Answering Daddy Questions

Many of our children ask questions about their fathers, and right now, with Father’s Day approaching, we are all thinking and talking more about it. When we made the decision to become an SMC, this subject was, for many of us, the one which we were most concerned about, and rightly so. Deciding to raise a child without a father has a real impact on our children and on us.