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Fertility Success Rates for Women Over 40

A newcomer on our Choice Moms Over 40 discussion board did 12 cycles of IUI before her clinic noticed that she had "fallen through the cracks" and suggested she try IVF instead. Unfortunately, this does happen. When women find their ChoiceMoms.org peers, it becomes easier to learn what to ask doctors in order to achieve motherhood.

How to become a mother: More IUIs? IVF? embryo donation? adoption?

For many of us, simply having sex with someone we love to produce a child is a great idea. But life being what it is today, women like us, busy with goals and options, have many more choices than we used to. We can delay child-bearing a few more years, generally into our 30s, sometimes into our early 40s. But when things don’t go as easily as we would like, and we see the many options to motherhood available to us, how do we choose?