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BOOKS FOR SALE: Alternative family building and more

choosing single motherhood book cover

During the process of writing “Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide,” I read a tremendous number of books about parenting, donor insemination, alternative family building and more. Now I’m selling some of those books to single women, researchers and thematic book collectors. They are listed in full as “Products” at Amazon under my Choice…

PODCAST: Relieving newborn baby mom stress

Two strong Choice Chat radio shows about relieving newborn baby mom stress. PEDIATRICIAN Especially if you are a new mom, single parents need stress-relief strategies and energy boosts. Noted pediatrician Dr. Robert Sears, a spokesperson for Happy Baby, offered in my December 2009 radio show tips for relieving the stress of being a newborn baby mom. He…

Cathi’s Stories: finding humor in single parenting

Any of you who have been following Choice Mom resources over the years is likely acquainted with Cathi. She found the humor in the stress of trying to self-inseminate, in learning about her own fertility, in being pregnant, in being the mom of a newborn, and now in being simply, joyfully, Mom. Here is her story in a nutshell.

What I’ve learned as a new Choice Mom

Some time ago on the old Choice Moms blog format, Denise offered these fun and wise thoughts on what she’d learned after 10 months of Choice Motherhood. They were too priceless to disappear, so I’ve resurrected them here. We invite you to add your own.

Making Room for Baby: decluttering tips

When I lived in my one bedroom floor-through apartment in New York City with my young daughter, I did start to feel overrun in that first year by the THINGS she needed. I was frugal, but still had the diaper pail, stroller, Baby Bjorn, exersaucer, 3-in-1 travel crib (used everyday), and a growing collection of plastic chewy items. So it was no surprise when the organizing experts at the New York City Choice Mom event drew a crowd.