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PODCAST: Choice Mom Stories

Over the years I have talked with many single women about their Choice Mom journeys for the Choice Chat podcast and/or radio show. Here are some of these Choice Mom stories. LORI GOTTLIEB: Settle for Mr. Good Enough? After Choice Mom Lori Gottlieb wrote in Atlantic Monthly that perhaps settling for Mr. Good Enough might have been…

Stacy: Finally, the Birth Story

Some of the long-time members of the Choice Mom discussion board are familiar with Stacy’s journey. Years and years of journey. Heart-breaking yet persistent journey. Back in 2010, she helped women cope with miscarriage, by sharing the story of how she coped with her own. In fact, Stacy suffered through five miscarriages, an emergency hysterectomy,…

Monica: My Single Parent Adoption Story

By the age of 34, I had a graduate degree, a house, a good job and a few years of travel under my belt. I’d been trying to become a mom for 18 months and had 8 failed IUIs with a donor. I had chosen the donor route because I thought it would be faster, cheaper and easier than adoption. Boy, was I wrong. I took another look at adoption and decided to go for it. Here’s my story.