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When do you trust your doctor?

This story about whether to trust your doctor was shared on the discussion board, and because I know from women over the years that our doctors are not infallible and fertility science is not always perfect, I’m posting it here as a point of conversation. Please offer your comments below. I have now missed 2…

Choice Mom Eguide: Detecting Ovulation

There is nothing more maddening than thinking that your own body and its monthly cycles should give you great insight about when is the right day to try to conceive. But… we tend to learn that it is easier to say "no" to pregnancy than to say "yes." The reproductive aspects of our body are more mysterious than we thought.

Ask the Expert: hCG timing

We have an excellent group of fertility experts who provide sponsorship of Choice Mom resources. Periodically we go to them with "Ask the Fertility Expert" questions. Here’s one that appeared on the discussion board recently, and the response of one of the doctors in our network.

Jen: dealing with PCOS

Hi! I am a "thinker" with PCOS. I am definitely not the poster child for PCOS. I never experienced symptoms until my early 20s and I am not overweight. I am 28 in a few weeks and have been diagnosed with PCOS since January 2009. I will start from the beginning (this may be a little long).