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BOOKS FOR SALE: Alternative family building and more

choosing single motherhood book cover

During the process of writing “Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide,” I read a tremendous number of books about parenting, donor insemination, alternative family building and more. Now I’m selling some of those books to single women, researchers and thematic book collectors. They are listed in full as “Products” at Amazon under my Choice…

A Valentine’s Day Story: 2016

It’s Valentine’s Day. For the occasion, I’m writing my first Choice Mom commentary in quite a long while. It’s been too long since I’ve been in deeper communication with the community. This seems a nice occasion to return. I’ve never been particularly holiday-oriented. Perhaps it was because our family used to juggle around Christmas dates to accommodate…

Taking a Leap of Faith: What holds us in place?

I met someone recently who is a project manager finished with two years of sustainable development work in Nigeria, preparing for a new adventure in South Sudan. As we talked alongside a bonfire that we stoked until 4 a.m., I was invigorated by the reminder that it was a spirit of adventure that enabled me to become a Choice Mom in the first place.