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Regional EGuide: Choice Moms in NYC

If you’re based in New York City, this is your resource for Choice Motherhood. Offering an expanding regional guide to Choice Moms in NYC is important. New York City continually ranks at the top of our readership at ChoiceMoms.org. So I’ve created a special section of tips and insight from experts in the area who are…

Books for Kids (Part 2)

one baby brought into the world by surrogate

Continuing our series from Patricia Mendell — storybooks to share with our kids. Krauss, Robert, Aruego, Jose, & Dewey, Ariane, Illus., Herman the Helper, It is the story of a young octopus who likes to help everyone in his family as well as others in any way he can from morning until night. Beautifully illustrated…

Choice Mom EGuide: Egg Donors and Egg Freezing

Choice baby

The 2015 Choice Moms EGuide: All About Eggs is a 47-page compilation of insights and Q&A on egg freezing, emotions of the journey, questions to ask before selecting an egg bank to choose among egg donors, and much more. Available for immediate PDF download using PayPal on our Eguide page. This eguide is for you if: you are…

Therapists who understand the Choice Mom journey

These mental health therapists have an interest in working with single women about grief, fertility, adoption, and other aspects of the Choice Mom journey. They are Choice Moms, or have been recommended by Choice Moms. See also this page for more details about Our Top 6 therapists, who have proactively supported the community by sponsoring…

Emotions: Coping with postpartum depression

After a Choice Mom wrote about her surprise to be dealing with post-partum blues, despite all the planning and preparation she’d put into having a child, one of the therapists in the Choice Mom network who responded was New York City’s Patricia Mendell. She offered this information for any new mother.

Choice Moms NYC Guide

I am happy to announce that Choice Moms® is launching a growing library of regional resource guides for the Choice Mom community. The first guide is now available, with its ongoing collection of insights and tips offered by experts and single women specifically from the New York City area.