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PODCAST: Finding a sperm bank


ChoiceMoms.org has a lot of information about finding a sperm bank and using donor sperm.” use the Search function and the Category list at right. [See also our Eguide about choosing a sperm bank.] There are important changes needed, and slowly happening, in the donor sperm industry. On this Choice Chat show from 2008 I talk with three people…

PODCAST SPOTLIGHT: Seattle Sperm Bank policies

The Choice Chat podcast library of 50-plus shows have more than 63,000 downloads. Thanks to Seattle Sperm Bank for enabling me to continue hosting the episodes, through its multi-year sponsorship. If you’re shopping for a sperm bank, this podcast interview will help you understand the types of policies — about open-identity, family limits, and quality/return rules — that you…

Minnesota Law: protecting assisted reproduction

Update: This legislation did not pass. A strong Catholic coalition worked against it. Local attorney Steven Snyder, who has been involved in these discussions, sent these two news articles. The first notes opponents’ stated intent to seek criminal prohibition of surrogacy and other laws to limit treatment of infertility in the future. The second is…

Creating Embryos for Sale

Discussions are beginning next week by the ethics committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine about potential policies involving embryo donation. At the heart of these discussions is the question whether it is morally acceptable for fertility clinics to create embryos specifically for the purpose of selling them.