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PODCAST: Relieving newborn baby mom stress

Two strong Choice Chat radio shows about relieving newborn baby mom stress. PEDIATRICIAN Especially if you are a new mom, single parents need stress-relief strategies and energy boosts. Noted pediatrician Dr. Robert Sears, a spokesperson for Happy Baby, offered in my December 2009 radio show tips for relieving the stress of being a newborn baby mom. He…

Our Top 6 Choice Mom-friendly therapists

When you are feeling isolated, angry, depressed or confused about the Choice Mom path, the discussion boards have become a good place to vent and share. But sometimes we need someone who not only understands the Thinking to Being stages, but is specifically trained to talk with us about our emotions. Over the years I…

Emotions: Coping with postpartum depression

After a Choice Mom wrote about her surprise to be dealing with post-partum blues, despite all the planning and preparation she’d put into having a child, one of the therapists in the Choice Mom network who responded was New York City’s Patricia Mendell. She offered this information for any new mother.