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PODCAST: Choice Mom Stories

Over the years I have talked with many single women about their Choice Mom journeys for the Choice Chat podcast and/or radio show. Here are some of these Choice Mom stories. LORI GOTTLIEB: Settle for Mr. Good Enough? After Choice Mom Lori Gottlieb wrote in Atlantic Monthly that perhaps settling for Mr. Good Enough might have been…


Sarah Kowalski

We have Choice Moms contributing stories from around the world and on many diverse experiences: about their journeys through embryo donation and surrogacy pursuing fertility tourism in Mexico wrestling with leaving a partner in order to have a child grieving pregnancy loss alone reporting on the empty nest syndrome from South Africa to Belgium to…

Choice Mom EGuide: Egg Donors and Egg Freezing

Choice baby

The 2015 Choice Moms EGuide: All About Eggs is a 47-page compilation of insights and Q&A on egg freezing, emotions of the journey, questions to ask before selecting an egg bank to choose among egg donors, and much more. Available for immediate PDF download using PayPal on our Eguide page. This eguide is for you if: you are…

On Turning 50

I turned 50 on Monday, after a great weekend of community connecting. New and old friends (ranging in age from 23 to 73) came to my house Saturday for a music jam and conversation that was truly heart-warming and fun.

What I learned from my failed adoption

After waiting over a year for my adoption to finalize, I’ve accepted that I will never become a mother
through my current adoption program. I’ve learned a lot hard lessons along the way. The only
redeeming feature of my journey? The chance to tell others how to avoid a similar fate. If you are
considering adoption, here is what I’ve learned: