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Simplify Your Life: Can mothers have longings?

On a cloudy, dampish day, I packed up the kids and drove us to a lakeside cabin for 24 hours. I left behind weeks of unopened mail piled on a table. I abandoned work that required an Internet connection, which the cabin did not provide. I ignored a backyard that needed tending. I drove away from losses I was mourning and worries I was avoiding.

On “having it all”

When I turned 50 earlier this year, I picked 50 people I truly enjoy and invited them to a party. I got a tattoo, as something different. And… I became more focused on what I truly want.

How to simplify your life

Do you feel rushed? Exhausted? Like you don’t have enough time with your kids? Then 1) take five minutes out of your schedule to read and contemplate this. And 2) share an idea of how to simplify your life. A few years ago I intended to uproot my family and move to Oregon. I felt…