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Fertility Success Rates for Women Over 40

A newcomer on our Choice Moms Over 40 discussion board did 12 cycles of IUI before her clinic noticed that she had "fallen through the cracks" and suggested she try IVF instead. Unfortunately, this does happen. When women find their ChoiceMoms.org peers, it becomes easier to learn what to ask doctors in order to achieve motherhood.

Healthy options to enhance fertility

"Women trying to conceive often forget the importance of taking care of themselves," said Dr. Lee Kao, of San Francisco-based Laurel Fertility Care. "We often see patients who are so focused on caring for everything else that they actually decrease their success by not focusing on themselves first."

Ask the Fertility Experts

This audio library features clips from fertility experts I interviewed about several questions, featuring:


About Follicles

Treatment Options

About Mucous

Impact of Weight


Egg Quality

Age Factor 

About cervical caps for home insemination