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AUDIO: Coping with fertility and stress

One of the best gifts of Choice Mom networking events is when small groups of women on similar paths find each other to discuss their joys and concerns. Especially common is the topic of fertility and stress.

As strong-minded women, we can underestimate the anxiety of the fertility process. As someone who has experienced fertility challenges herself, Minneapolis-based counselor Krista Post offered great insight at one of my events on the importance of understanding what the success rates do and do not tell us. She also opened up the conversation for women to share the stress they were feeling about multiple attempts at conceiving.

I talked with Dr. Jim Toner, Atlanta, about the emotions of fertility challenge and how to cope with it.

And Choice Mom friend Kristin Kali, Maia Midwifery, talked to women at a San Francisco event about this topic.

AUDIO CLIPS About Fertility and Stress




Understanding your FSH

When a Choice Mom-in-the-making posted several questions on the discussion board about FSH, I asked Los Angeles-based Dr. Arthur Wisot for his input. The woman wondered, since FSH numbers can vary from month to month, how successful they actually are at predicting an ability to conceive — and to deliver a healthy baby — and whether there are things under our control to improve that number.