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SPOTLIGHT CANADA: Outreach Health Services

This is excerpted from our 2016 E-guide “Choice Moms: Canada — insights and resources,” sponsored by Outreach Health Services, which provides sperm donation options throughout Canada. Section 1: Where Do I Begin? by Heather Brooks, Outreach Health Services, CreatingCanadianFamilies.ca So… here you are. You are at the point in your fertility treatment where you are exploring…

NEW: Choice Moms in Canada

Toronto babies

Our latest eguide is dedicated to the large numbers of women in Canada who are seeking options for creating a family on their own. This 30-page eguide about Choice Moms in Canada includes a lot of great information. Sponsor Outreach Health Services offers many pages of insight into the donor selection process, including questions to ask yourself and…

Choice Moms Toronto Support Group

Choice Moms Support Group Toronto

I heard from Samantha that a self-directed Choice Moms Toronto support group for women contemplating the single mother by choice journey, and those who are living as Choice Moms in Toronto, are meeting monthly. They now have their own website. “The main goal of the support group is to provide a safe platform to connect…

Cathi’s Stories: finding humor in single parenting

Any of you who have been following Choice Mom resources over the years is likely acquainted with Cathi. She found the humor in the stress of trying to self-inseminate, in learning about her own fertility, in being pregnant, in being the mom of a newborn, and now in being simply, joyfully, Mom. Here is her story in a nutshell.