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Choice Moms in D.C.

We’ve had several Choice Mom networking events in the Washington D.C. area. Including a 2016 National Zoo conversation on Father’s Day, when my teenage kids talked to a group of single mothers by choice about growing up without a dad. If you are looking for resources for Choice Moms in D.C., here are a few of the…

How to get to “yes?” to this choice

My favorite part of Choice Mom networking events this year is our opening large group discussion, when we talk together from all stages about the issues and concerns we have faced. In the D.C. event, we had several Thinkers who wanted to know how women moved comfortably into the Trying stage. The question being, "How did you get to yes?" In response, Tryers and Moms reported:

Creating an estate plan

After a Choice Mom died in her third trimester, leaving a son born posthumously, we became more aware of the importance of having an estate plan in place — as this Choice Mom had done — even BEFORE we conceive or adopt.