Tax deductible fertility expenses: sperm, miles, doctors

A woman on a Choice Mom discussion board asked: is sperm considered one of the tax deductible fertility expenses in the United States?

Carla-Elaine, a Choice Mom who is a tax agent, responded: yes, sperm is considered a fertility medical expense. “You can also include medical mileage, doctors appointments, IVF/IUI fees, psychologist fees, etc. For my personal taxes in 2011 and 2012, I did all IUI, sperm fees, psychologist fees, all the doctors’ fees, medical mileage, additional required tests, and prescriptions.”

Another woman then asked: “I used donor eggs for IVF in 2012 and paid for the donor’s medical expenses and drugs through my fertility clinic. Nothing was covered by insurance. Is that deductible too? And what about expenses related to extended culture of embryos and embryo freezing?”

The response: “Presuming that your treatment center billed you for everything, the short answer is yes, since this was a part of a fertility treatment plan and procedure. Keep all records, billing and since IVF is pretty expensive, make sure the documents are in order in case there is an audit. Remember that you need 7.5% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) for it to start to count, but if you’re doing IVF, you’re probably at that point already. FYI, if you are still trying in 2013, that amount will go up to 10% of your adjusted gross income for Medical expenses before any extra counts.”

Note: this article also appears in the 34-page Choice Mom E-Guide: All About Sperm.


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