Conceiving as a single woman: fertility questions

This section is your entry point to the fertility questions you are likely to have as you process the many decisions, concerns and issues that can come along the journey to conceiving as a single woman. There are MANY MORE articles on these topics and more, but this is just to get you started with the right tag words and categories.

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A. About Fertility

Do you truly understand your fertility?
Choosing a doctor
Fertility tests to expect
Detecting your ovulation
What if my FSH is high?
Terms and acronyms
The age factor
AUDIO: Ask the fertility expert

B. About Cost

What is the cost of fertility treatment?
Treatment options: IUI vs. IVF
Fertility drugs

C. About Sperm

Choosing a sperm bank
Choosing a donor
If you are attempting home insemination

D. Other Methods to Motherhood

Egg donation
Embryo donation

E. Stress

Coping with miscarriage
The impact of stress on fertility

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Welcome to the discussion, and the journey!

— Mikki Morrissette, Choice Moms founder