What anonymous-donor offspring think

Have you wondered what offspring conceived from donor sperm think about as they get older?

Everyone is different, of course. Curiosity levels and anger about unknown genetics vary considerably. But it’s useful to hear adults talk about the experience of being donor conceived — our Choice Kids don’t remain in childhood forever.

In this Choice Chat podcast with Ryan Kramer, co-founder of Donor Sibling Registry, he talks about the curiosity he’s had about his donor since he was two, offers tips for families making contact with half-siblings and donors, and explains in detail how he hopes the industry will change in the coming years for donor-conceived offspring such as himself.

One of our most popular podcasts is this one, about what donor-conceived adults want to know

For first-phase research from The Sperm Bank of California (TSBC) about how donor-conceived kids respond to the option about making contact with open-identity donors, read this article, based on its award-winning study. There are more research studies listed in detail at TSBC’s website.

This is one blog from a donor-conceived woman (a Christian, raised by a married couple) which speaks to the longing many donor-conceived have well into adulthood.

The following attachment is an essay from a donor-conceived woman who is now a mother.




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