PODCAST: Why you should report a donor birth

Patricia1A majority of families using donor conception do not report births after the fact. This has a tremendous impact on the industry, since tracking donor pregnancy is how we keep limits on the number of offspring born to one donor.

The numbers of offspring born to a sperm donor, and even to egg donors, are generally vastly under-reported.

It’s also important to report because if there is a genetic abnormality that surfaces in later years, families who are related need to be notified.

In this 15-minute podcast Patricia Mendell, a New York-based fertility counselor, talks about regulations in the fertility industry. What do we need to do differently? Why are changes coming so slowly? What can Choice Moms do, as a sizable share of the fertility industry market, to make a difference?

We talked in 2009, shortly after octuplets were born to a California woman who already had six children, and discussed how regulations, ethics and counseling should play a role. She also shared resources to help women become more educated consumers. [As she has throughout this website; search “Patricia Mendell” for insights, including an invaluable bibliography of books about non-traditional families.]


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